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Fun with a $1000 Gift Card!

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Free $1,000 Walmart Back To School Gift Card

Start Your Child's School Year off Right with aFree $1,000 Walmart Back To School Gift CardIt's that time of year again!Expenses at the start of the school year always seemto take us by surprise Many of us already depend on Walmart for all or most of our family's needs. Across t

You Rule

Improve your relationships and increase your mastery in life with the new science of Dianetics. Chris and Kelly Watkins, (916) 242-8400, want your life to be a breeze. Buy the book Dianetics and bring your life up to a whole new level, with confidence and determination.

Happy Relationships

You can have great satisfying relationships with the new science of Dianetics. Chris and Kelly Watkins want to tell you all about it, (916) 242-8400. Your life can be so much better and greater than you ever expected when you get the book Dianetics and systematically remove baggage that brings you


Have you ever wondered about this, when reading the Bible in lots of places, like in 1 chronicles 14:14--It Says "Therefore David Inquired Again of God and God Answered Him. there's more, but I want to pinpoint the " And God answered Him. GOD answe

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