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Large Vintage French Chalk Madonna Our Lady Mary M

Product Details Item #: 11-622-0 Dimensions (inches): 12.75H x 11W x 5D Comment: A beautiful expression and vibrant colors make this a special piece. Don't miss this one! Origin: France Date: 1950 Material: CHALKWARE Chalkware is a term that refers to decorative items made out of gyps

Vintage French Chalk Madonna Child Hanging Wall Al

Product Details Item #: 7-509-0 Dimensions (inches): 14H x 10W x 4D Comment: This pretty little sculpture sits under a wooden altar and is the perfect piece to add charm to any room! Origin: France Date: 1930 Material: Chalkware, Wood CHALKWARE Chalkware is a term that refers to deco

GREAT Large Antique French Chalk Jesus Sacred Hear

Product Details Item #: 11-682-0 Dimensions (inches): 18.75H x 6.50W x 6D Comment: This very detailed and pretty piece would make a wonderful addition to your collection! This is a nice old one! Origin: France Date: 1900 Material: CHALKWARE Chalkware is a term that refers to decorativ

GREAT Vintage Chalk Madonna Our Lady Boom Brick ma

Product Details Item #: 12-455-0 Dimensions (inches): 10.25H x 4.50W x 4.50D Comment: This beautiful piece of vintage chalkware is from Boom, Belgium, and features Our Lady of Boom, patron saint of brickmakers. The local economy in Boom was based on a large brick manufacturing plant, which is

GREAT Antique French Tramp Art Standing Cross Cruc

Product Details Item #: 12-208-0 Dimensions (inches): 15H x 9W x 2.50D Comment: This unusual piece of Tramp Art in the form of a standing crucifix is a must-have for your collection! Origin: France Date: 1900 Material: Metal, Wood METAL As it is often difficult to determine the exact

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