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Samurai Headed Sword Set

The carefully crafted metal head of a Japanese warrior adorns the butt of each ornately fashioned handle in this stainless steel sword set that celebrates the artistry of the samurai. For decorative purposes only. Wood stand: 16" x 3" x 13" high. Largest: 40 1/2" longFREE SHIPPING

Ninja Sword Set

This trio of stainless steel Ninja swords in their legendary protective sheaths are displayed with mystical Zen simplicity. For decorative purposes only. Sizes: Short 19 3/4", Medium 29 1/2", Long 27 1/2". FREE SHIPPING

Replica Calvary Sword

This cavalry sword replica is masterfully recreated in stainless steel with a brass and black leather handle, holstered in a iron sheath, suitable for hanging. For decorative purposes only. 43 1/8" long. FREE SHIPPING

Christmas Specials On Knives, Hunt knives, more...

Christmas Specials On Knives, Hunt knives, more...

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