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Amorphous Solid Dispersions Formulation Service

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Amorphous solid dispersions are a promising formulation approach for poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingrediants, because they ideally enhance both dissolution rate and solubility. The amorphous solid dispersion or ASD as popularly termed as are nothing but enabled oral formulations that are increasingly getting used in both animal and human drug testing. The amorphous solid dispersions are dispersions of amorphous drug which are transferred in a carrier matrix like polymer. The polymers which are used as carrier matrix and other excipients are made use of to make amorphous solid dispersions have better acceptability as far daily intake is concerned as compared to excipients used for making simpler formulations. VxP Pharma can seamlessly tailor the certain specifications and for packaging of solid dispersion in order to suit your demands.

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Amorphous Solid Dispersions Formulation ServiceAmorphous Solid Dispersions Formulation Service