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1000s Pieces American Art Pottery

View Over 1000 Pieces Of American Art Pottery Roseville McCoy Weller Van Briggle Hull and many more varieties... collectible pottery american art pottery ohio pottery http://www.MyArtPottery.com/

Native American Pottery

Native American Pottery By Mission Del ReyOn Sale Now! Additional Special Discount Coupon Code: "usfree" Each piece of Native American pottery is uniquely hand made by the Tarahumara, Pueblo Indians and others using real clay. If you like the history and culture of the Native American

#39010::SUN-FACE PLANTER DUO:: Only $18.72!

#39010::SUN-FACE PLANTER DUO:LIST $24.95 + S&H: ======================================================= The very colors of the sun's warming rays add colorful appeal to a pair of graceful urn-shaped planters: washed terra-cotta highlights a grinning bas-relief sun at the front of each flowerpot.

#33158::BUFFALO POT: Only $20.97

#33158:BUFFALO POT: LIST $29.95 + S&H: ======================================================== Buffalos charge across straw-colored plains beneath the shadows of a mountain forest in this stirring decorative pot adorned with braided leather & feathers. It is made of Ceramic and is 9 1/2" in dia

#38447GP::COWBOY BOOT PLANTER / Only $20.97

#38447::COWBOY BOOT PLANTER:LIST $29.95 + S&H: ======================================================= Some boots were made for walking, but this pair is a playful planter that brings a merry spot of greenery to your "home on the range." It is made of Polyresin and is 9 5/8" x 7 3/4" x 9 1/8" high

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