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80 Million Americans Have Cardiovascular Disease?

Are you among the reported 80 million Americans that have cardiovascular disease? That is nearly a third of the population of this here United States of America. Am I missing something or is something wrong with this picture? You know that old a

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Eating Well During Pregnancy

Morning sickness can make it even more difficult to eat well during pregnancy. Its symptoms are more frequent during the first trimester, and are felt by most women during the sixth week of pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting, however, become less severe as the second trimester approaches. It is necessar

Choosing Your Newborn Baby's Diet

Baby's Diet: Choosing the Right Food for Each StageA healthy diet contributes to your baby's growth and development. Your baby goes through 3 different feeding phases before he turns one year old. The first one is the nursing period, where the baby is kept exclusively on a liquid diet. Your child g

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