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first edition predator 314-4 cuestick

cue was issued in 1996. it has birdseye maple with 4 ebony and ivory prongs. pearl inlays and silver rings.the cue comes with original shaft in like new stored condition, also an extra 314 shaft that was played with, but is in very good shape. this c

32 piece Billiards Accessories Kit

SAVE $110.35!!! Feature Includes: (1) Set of Pro Series Royal Crown Bilard Balls (4) Cues Sticks (1) Bridge Stick (1) 9 Ball Diamond (1) Triange (1) Six Cue Roman Rack (1) Under Rail Brush (1) Plastic Tally Bottle (1) Box of Blue Chalk


Biliards Wood cues, Graphite cues and Fiberglass billiard cue stick, which one is the right one for you? Of course, if you are a beginner, this question will not bother you. Overall, wood billiard cue stick are better, as they give you a better feel

MCFARLAND - 209 Pool Cues

We have several McFarland 209 pool cues in stock. Normal retail price for this item is $175.00. We, however, are offering it for $140.00. If interested, please visit us at Dayton Billiards.

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