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The Largest Wetsuit Specialty Shop in the World!

One-Stop Shopping experience for any sport you can think of Surf the wide selection of wetsuits and neoprene accessories for surfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, kayaking, SCUBA Diving, triathlon swimming, water aerobics,miners and more. Wetsuit Wearhouse proudly serves individuals, clubs, or


Most leisure divers will only ever dive on open circuit. Mention diving on a Rebreather and they'll think straight away it's for technical diving and very expensive.

Buying Diving Gear - Looking at Important Diving Equipment That May Interest You

Assuming that being a new diver you've already purchased your personal mask and snorkel, then it's time to start searching at the rest of the gear available to buy and see what you might wish to buy. My very first stop at this stage will be to buy a diving torch.Why a torch you ask? Because, there a

Rally Car Driving Experiences

A rally driving experience can be your thrill of a life-time if you take the chance to do it sometime. Sure, driving the youngsters to school, going to the superstore and driving to work are part of day-to-day life but there are all kinds of off-road driving escapades waiting to be explored. Of

Scuba Diving Gear for Sale

Looking for Scuba Diving Gear for Sale? Choose from a large selection of quality new and used Scuba Gear for sale at amazing deals. If you are looking for a bargain on buying a new or used Scuba Equipment from Buoyancy Compensators to Regulators t

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