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Half-off our Eastbay Gold Club Membership

For a limited time we will be offering Half-off our Eastbay Gold Club Membership!! Join the club and get exclusive, member-only savings! The benefits include: Free 3-Day Shipping for one year 1-year catalog subscription 25% off your fu

The Truth About Quickness - E-Book

The Truth About Quickness - How to Improve Your Quickness   In Just 9 Minutes A Day, With Only Two Short Steps,  You Can Achieve Electrifying Quickness and Stunning Speed! There's Just ONE Thing You MUST Know First..  Click Here for More Information  

Copy of '5K training For beginners' today..

READ THIS If You're Planning on Running a 5K Race Anytime Soon: "Give Me 30 Minutes a Day for 3 Days a Week and in Just 6 Weeks Time I'll Have You Ready to Run Your First or Fastest Ever 5K" Finally, leading personal trainer reveals the exact step by step formula he uses to get his one to o

The 100 Day Marathon Plan

That's why after years of testing, refining, and proving it works, I've therefore decided to make my ''coaching clients only' training program available to the general public. First, let me clear up one common misunderstanding about the program. I decided to call it the “100 Day Marath

Who Do The BEST Athletes In The World Come To When

I have two questions for you: 1. Have you ever wondered why, no matter how hard you train or which programs you follow, you still have just “average speed”, or even worse.. you’re slow? 2. Or why some of your friends seem to have been born

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