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Mastering freestyle technique video program

Discover The 3 Secrets To Freestyle Technique.Swim With Confidence And Cruise In The Water. Why Kick Is Less Important Than You Think.Revelaed! How To Stop Choking On Water. Even You're Panting, Gasping And Searching For Air After Only One Lap Swim with Olympic level technique and annihilate you

Look Good and Swim Great - Purple Speedos!

Stand out from the crowd at your next meet.  We all know the importance of feeling great and looking great when you are going to compete.  Nothing makes you stand out more than purple speedos!  Show that you not only have skills, but personality.  You are a force to be reckoned w

Stand Out With a Rhinestone Swim Shirt!

Be the first on your team to wear Rhinestone Swim Shirts.  Swim shirts made using genuine Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones sparkle unlike any other.  They also adhere to your shirt or hoodie longer than any of the others.  They will last as long as your shirt does!  Be rea

triathlonswimmingtechnique of Brenton Ford reviews

This is what you will get inside of Triathlon Swiming Technique by Brenton Ford: Only build lean muscle mass and avoid carrying that dreaded extra bulk in your race (so you can still dominate the ride and run legs) Swim smooth freestyle that ev

Triathlon Swimming Technique

Swimmers who learn this method dominate open water swimming...everytime It''s the #1 system transforming jerky and unbalanced freestylers into smooth and powerful triathlon swimmers It takes a rock-solid, proven training system to transform a &ls

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