9" FOCUS Portion Control Plate, Microwaveable Porcelain

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The plate is called our FOCUS Portion Control Plate. "FOCUS" because it has dietary guidelines printed on to the plate itself. This helps to reinforce your discipline to help you achieve your dietary objectives and goals. The printed advice is precise and based on guidelines prescribed by American Dietetic Association & American Diabetes Association and has long been accepted by professionals in the nutrition field. In addition to the printed dietary advice, the plate is visually attractive due to the alluring style of the design. Presenting you with Portion Control you can be proud of!

For more Information, check out : http://www.preciseportions.com/FOCUS-Por tion-Control-Plate-Microwaveable-p/fcp-1 .htm
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9" FOCUS Portion Control Plate, Microwaveable Porcelain