Portion Control Glasses, 10oz Highball - Set of 4

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These 10-oz portion control drinking glasses are a joy to hold and behold. With classic lines and thick weighted bases to give stature and still a delicate balance of fun and function!

The lower leaf (just under the logo) shows a discreet mark for the 4oz line which would be one serving of fruit juice. The second leaf above the logo, shows another very discreet line for the 8oz measuring line. Perfect for one serving of low fat milk, sugar free beverages and so on. Discreet but effective. Clearly portion control you can be proud of!

As with everything we offer in the Precise Portions line, these 6" tall, 10-oz portion control Highball glasses have been dietitian-designed. Made of the finest quality, with our trademark dietary guidelines printed on to the side of the glass, very discreetly. Only you would know.

We can now really drink our way to better health with this portion control option.

Dishwasher safe. Highball, 10-oz. cap., 6" high. Set of four.

What's in the box? 4 10-oz Portion Control Hi-Ball Glasses, 4 Precise Portions 1/4" cork coasters and 1 quick Start Healthy Eating Guide


o Dietitian-Designed Portion Control System
o Elegantly styled glassware
o Dishwasher Safe
o Lead and Cadmium Free

For more Information, check out : http://www.preciseportions.com/Portion-C ontrol-Glasses-10oz-HighBall-Set-of-4-p/ ppg-4.htm
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Portion Control Glasses, 10oz Highball - Set of 4